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The Sports Network (TSN) is a Canadian English language sports specialty channel. Established by the Labatt Brewing Company in 1984 as part of the first group of Canadian specialty cable channels, since 2001, TSN has been majority-owned by communications conglomerate BCE Inc. (presently through its broadcasting subsidiary Bell Media) with a minority stake held by ESPN Inc. via a 20% share in the Bell Media subsidiary CTV Specialty Television. TSN is the largest specialty channel in Canada in terms of gross revenue, with a total of $400.4 million in revenue in 2013.

A former employee of The Sports Network wrote: At The Sports Network they have a cutthroat marketing environment for sports handicappers. Aggressive workplace with unreasonable and unprofessional environment. They Suck.


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Machine Operator/Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"Is it okay environment but they are unorganized have company functions and family-friendly company happy environment the warehouse is hot but cool in the winter time"

huishoudelijke hulp (Former Employee) says

"het bedrijf is helaas failliet gegaan. Daarom ben ik nu werkloos"

Story Editor (Current Employee) says

"You work in sports which is great, but very negative environment that is focused on quantity over quality. Cons: No work/life balance. Thankless job with minimal resources."

Huishoudelijke hulp (Former Employee) says

"Vond het werk zeer leuk om te doen. Het bedrijf op zich vond ik niet goed en ook niet eerlijk omdat ik toen eruit moest omdat ze mij een vast contract moesten geven in plaats daarvan zeiden ze na bijna 2 jaar dat ik mijn werk niet goed deed was er toen kapot van omdat ik zo voor de gek werd gehouden en het jammer vond dat ik niet meer bij die mensen kon werken. Cons: Niet eerlijk bedrinf tsn"

Thuishulp A (Former Employee) says

"Ik heb er heerlijk gewerkt. Kantoor was vlakbij, prima manager, maar toen werd het kantoor opgeheven en kreeg je contact met een onbekende, die niet geinteresseerd was in jouw positie en dat beviel HELEMAAL NIET. Cons: Onpersoonlijk op het laatst en zowiezo slechte betaling"

Huishoudlijke hulp (Former Employee) says

"Gezellige mensen, maar het is hard werken, maar met oudere mensen omgaan maakt het de moeite waard. Cons: Geen"

addetta stampa (Former Employee) says

"Ruolo piacevole ed interessante, ma scadenze molto brevi."

thuis helpende (Former Employee) says

"heb 27 jaar in de thuiszorg gewerkt en altijd naar mijn zin en tevrede klanten en toen ik even depresief was door een scheiding toonde ze geen begrip Cons: ik dacht mee en zij niet"

Verzorgende (Former Employee) says

"Het is gezellig, leuke collega's als je wilt zijn er doorgroei mogelijkheden.. Cons: word niet optijd afgebelt"

thuiszorgmedewerker (Current Employee) says

"dankbaar werk maar wel zwaar maar wel leuk om met mensen te werken en zou graag door groeien naar iets meer"

huishoudlijke hulp (Former Employee) says

"Ga na de mensen thuis en maak schoon ."

Alfahulp (Former Employee) says

"- leuk bedrijf"

bejaarde zorg (Former Employee) says

"ik ben iemand van op tijd en doen wat er van je verwacht word ,eerlijk tegen de mensen te zijn .Zo wil ik ook behandeld worden"

Thuishulp (Former Employee) says

"het werken bij de mensen was geweldig en ze waardeerden het zeer dat het huis weer netjes was. De colega"s waren fijn om mee te werken. Cons: geen"

helpende niveau 2 (Former Employee) says

"Half negen eerste client even de week door nemen en dan snel aan het werk, alles weer schoon en netjes.Op naar de volgende client. bij de ene heel gezellig en bij de ander iets minder.Wel veel mensen kennis opgedaan. Sommige mensen hebben eigenlijk geen zorg nodig dit zijn vaak wat jongere mensen. De oudere soms huilend omdat er zorg uren in mindering word gebracht dit is erg triest en de minder leuke kant.Het leukste is het contact met verschillende mensen ieder met een eigen persoonlijkheid. Cons: niemand van de leidinggevende luistert alles draait om geld"

Schoonmaakster (Former Employee) says

"Was vrijdag morgen nog cliënt aan het werk geweest en s middags tel dat het werk ophield geen afscheid kunnen nemen ook later werd er vak kracht gevraagd maar geen reactie gehad heel vreemd terwijl ik goed contact met cliënten had en m’n werk goed deed ."

Freelance (Current Employee) says

"As a "part timer" or "freelancer" you aren't cared for, your schedule is chaos, and you're never rewarded for going above and beyond. The skill of your job doesn't equal advancement, your worth is based on how willing you are to cancel on your life and come in on short notice or pick up shifts. Be ready to ruin friendships, relationships and anger family if you want to make it here. The pay is good but unless you're friends with someone from management you won't advance. It's strictly about who you know not how skilled you are. Cons: Hours, lack of organisation, poor management"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Harsh Environment. A few kind people; many who aren't. Great place to toughen up, but not a great place to move up."

huishoudelijke hulp (Former Employee) says

"Het contact met de cliënten was fijn."

Driver/Delivery (Former Employee) says

"you had to keep on your toes. You had to make sure your load was correct as it was being loaded. At drop offs you had to count all items being dropped. Had to keep a very detailed log of all items dropped. Cons: not enough home time"


"I have been working at TSN Cons: People are quite disrespectful Management does not care about their people Toxic work environment Almost everyone is unprofessional"

Former Employee - Production Manager says

"I worked at TSN full-time for more than a year Cons: Low salary and slow monetary growth. Lacking creativity and risk taking to be innovative. Complacent and mundane. Lack of initiative to grow in digital sphere."

Current Freelancer - Anonymous Freelancer says

"I have been working at TSN Cons: Zero Advancement. Unless you suck up to the right people you'll never get opportunities. A shut up and take it or leave attitude. Managers don't know the day to day of the newsroom. All benefits of going above and beyond have been taking away We are doing work way above our pay grade and are just expected to do it out of "love for the company" Management has openly used scared tactics to stop employees from voicing opinions. Union does nothing to protect us. Management lies. Zero communication. Absolutely no life work balance. If you plan on having a family or responsibilities outside of work you will be looked at as a bad employee. You'll only be on the good side if you're willing to come in on short notice and miss family functions and holidays or work 14+ hours daily. If you are a "good" employee your reward is doing more work while those with bad attitudes or who can't keep up with the expectation float through shifts while not getting work making the same amount of money. Management will only train those who comply with everything stated above."

Current Employee - Story Editor says

"I have been working at TSN full-time for more than 5 years Cons: No one appreciates anything you do. Awful hours including nights, weekends and holidays. No room to advance. Very low pay. A "you should be happy you work here" attitude rather than a "we're happy to have you"."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I worked at TSN Cons: Not many to list here"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I worked at TSN Cons: Freelance, no room to move up in the company, bad management, almost all white employees and no women work there. Also, I find it kind of suspect that women only make up about 3% of the workforce and somehow they all happen to be beautiful. There's no HR presence whatsoever so you have nobody to talk to about issues or concerns. Management is completely out of touch with reality and they need to implement better hiring practices."


"I worked at TSN Cons: - Very low-pay scale - Management is too comfortable and can destroy any kind of innate creativity"

Current Employee - Producer says

"I have been working at TSN full-time for more than 10 years Cons: -very little upward mobility -can be dull/boring most times -job gets stagnant -work/life balance sucks"


"I worked at TSN Cons: The management constantly rewards their friends or siblings of friends in the workplace. It is a very cliquish environment and they constantly reward those they are friends with. Good oerformance reviews didn't really matter for advancement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at TSN full-time for more than 5 years Cons: bad pay. Very tough to move up unless management and/or sales department sees value in you. Way too corporate since purchase by Bell Media and move into CTV studio downtown. Previous office location was a much more close-knit working environment."

Kevin says

"Bought a subscription and the good NHL games are never available? "

Barry e chadwick says

"At Christmas I signed up for a month,the site gave options 1day,1month,6months,they didn’t say,but you must physically cancel after the month or we will carry on charging your card,long story short, She tells me I’m SOL,THIS A WARNINGto one and all,don’t get caught like me"

Mw says

"Too much american content "

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